Founded in 2012, Romeo and Zainab Boudib Foundation “ROMZAIB”, is a non-governmental organization that aims to empower and educate the girl-child, provide healthcare services and sustainable water supply in remote and hard to reach communities in Kano State, through involvement of traditional leaders, government, religious scholars, philanthropist and parents in the design and implementation of programs that increase equity in access to health and social care services. “ROMZAIB serves as a healthcare and educational organization to support community development, as a rural community based organization for the development of rural communities by educating and empowering women and the girl-child to enable them shape their own destinies.

Specializing in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, we aim to design and implement program through which the health of women and the girl-child are given priority by policy makers and other key stakeholders. We also provide evidenced based guidance to policy makers and other stakeholders to guide programmatic decision-making especially as it relates women and the girl-child.

We at “ROMZAIB” find it essential to coordinate local efforts to integrate gender equality, girl-child education and women’s empowerment into poverty reduction, democratic governance, and sustainable development. Through our interventions, we work to ensure that the voices of women are heard so they can participate equally in public dialogue, be involved at all level of decision-making and influence the decisions that will determine the future of their families and country.

We have a very harmonious working relationship with wide range of stakeholders working in the health sector in northern Nigeria. In addition, we partner with state government, local communities and other stakeholders to provide practical and sustainable solutions on healthcare for women and the girl-child.