The management structure is the total body of the organisation that comprises of:
1. Board of Trustees
2. Board of Directors
3. Research Advisory Committee
4. Management Staff

Board of Trustees
Romzaib currently has an 9-member Board of Trustees that serves as the highest governing body, providing strategic guidance in decision making to aid organizational growth and wellbeing and the necessary leadership for management of programmes in accordance with the Foundation’s mission, vision and values.

Board of Directors
Board of Directors is comprised of specialists with unique backgrounds and educations, who provide essential perspectives on Reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health, community building, Health systems strengthening, Girl child education, Economic empowerment, Logistics Management and barriers to accessing healthcare, and are committed to improving Reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health within Kano.

Research Advisory Committee
The Research Advisory Board comprises of research specialist who help us to identify and develop culturally sensitive programs customized to the locality in which the program serves

Management Staff
The management staff of the organisation comprises of the CEO, Director of Administration and Director of Operations that are responsible for all the administrative work of the organisation’s secretariat. Other team members comprises of Program Officers, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Accountant, Local Engagement Consultants, Community Mobilizers and other organizational staff employed on temporary/ad hoc basis.